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2nd Sessional Syllabus

1) Electronics Switching 

 Unit = 2,3 & (5 = ATM cell to Banyan network switch 

Digital switching: Switching functions, space division switching, Time division switching, two dimensional switching, Digital cross connect systems, digital switching in analog environment. Telecom Traffic Engineering: Network traffic load and parameters, grade of service and blocking probability, modelling switching systems, incoming traffic and service time characterization, blocking models and loss estimates, Delay systems. ATM cell, ATM service categories, ATM switching, ATM memory switch, space memory switch, memory-space, memory-space-memory switch, Banyan network switch.

2) Wireless & Mobile Communication
 Unit = 3rd & 4th

Cellular concepts, Frequency reuse, channel assignment strategies, handoff strategies, interference and system capacity, improving coverage and capacity in cellular systems. GSM system for mobile: Services and features, System Architecture, Radio Sub system Channel types, Frame Structure. CDMA Digital Cellular Standard (IS 95): Frequency and Channel specifications, Forward CDMA channel and reverse CDMA channel


 Unit = 3rd & 4th

Tracking Radar: Tracking with Radar, Mono pulse Tracking, Conical Scan and Sequential Lobing, Limitations to tracking Accuracy, Low- Angle Tracking, Tracking in Range, Other Tracking Radar Topics, Comparison of Trackers, Automatic Tracking with Surveillance Radars(ADT) Detection of Signals in Noise: Introduction, Detection Criteria, Detectors, Automatic Detection, Integrators, Constant-False-Alarm Rate Receivers.


 Unit = 3,4 &5 

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