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Q.1Draw and.Explain concept of organisation structure on economy of quality value,optimizing quality facts and
        Reduction process.
Q.2 Define the term Quality and enumerates the five dimensions
Q,3Give the objective of quality control
Q.4 What is quality control give two way how the quality control  is exercised
Q.5 Explain the term statical quality control how is the procress control achieved with the help of control chart
       what are the fundamentalsunderlying the constructive of a quality control chart.
Q.6 Discuss the featurs of ISO-9000  versions standards.
Q.7 Define six sigma management methods in context of Taghuchi methods.
Q.8.Enumerates classification of National standarisation Bodies.
Q.9  Discuss the family of standards for quality management administered for accredation.
Q.10 Establish correlation between Taghuchi method and Just –in-Time methods.
Q.11. Define defect diagnosis and preventation study and corrective measures.
Q.12.Write a  procedure for document control, development of sources and control on purchase product.
Q.13.Explain the steps involving for implementation of ISO-9000 in quality management.
Q.14.Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of ISO-9000 serios in respect of development and Registration.
Q15.Write a note on concept of TQM in management.
Q.17.Distingush manufacturing quality and service quality  phenomena.
Q.18 Write the three  tenates of just –in –time .
Q.19 What are the dimentions of quality principles in total quality contro l mechanism.
Q.20.How the effective skill  requred for quality  development.
Q.21`Explain with the  help of diagram various types of control chart used in production process.
Q.22.Enumerates linkage between TQM and ISO-9000   for standarisations..
Q.23 What  is the significance of MTTF.
Q.24 Distingush reliability control and maintainability control.
Q.25 Importance of human factors and attitude of top management in organization learning.objectives.
Q.26.Explain concept of design,review  design  evolution of prototype in control process.
Q.27Discuss the factors affecting on reliabilty calculation for building  reliabe product.
Q.28 Define following (a) Co-opration of groups (b) Oprator attitude (c) Responsibilty
Q.29 What do you mean by the term inventory what are the functions and the reasons for carrying inventory.

Q.30 What is meant by pattern of demand and  term order cycle.

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